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Seeds of Transformation

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Seeds of Transformation

We are a small and agile consultancy, able to respond and adapt quickly to what you need.  We love the work we do.  Our clients tell us that they appreciate that we 'get it' quickly, that we adjust our work to fit their needs, and that we deliver high quality work every time.

We consider ourselves 'shape shifters' who evoke new thinking, and provoke breakthroughs in the attitudes and behaviours of your leadership teams.  Our work will develop change-ability in you and your teams.

We take a dialogue based approach to what we do, drawing on the principles and approaches of organisation development.

We act as your 'informed guides' at your side on your journey of transformation.

Gwen Stirling MSc, MBA, FRSA

Gwen is the Founder and Managing Director of Seeds of Transformation.  She is well respected in her field and admired by colleagues and clients for the quality of her work and the deep relationships she develops, many of which are long lasting.

After a successful career as a senior commercial leader in retail Gwen started her own change management consultancy in 2001.  Since then she has worked with individuals, senior teams, and across whole organisations to support leaders bring about the transformation they are seeking.

She believes that people are more talented than they realise; that teams are more collectively brilliant than they give themselves credit for; and that organisations hold more wisdom than we current tap into.  

The secret to her success is her ability to unleash this human potential, to create a space for people to thrive and grow beyond their imagination, in a healthy and successful organisation.

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