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Seeds of Transformation

Growing Beyond: Pioneers in human potential, transforming the performance of your organisation and bringing your strategy to life.

Talking Pods

We don't talk to each other enough at work, I mean a real conversation not a monologue or download. 

 We have a series of Talking Pods to help you lead, connect, explore, dream, and perform together: 
  • Team Talk 
  • Change Talk
  • Leadership Talk 
  • Culture Talk.
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The Transformation Hot House

There are times when things need to change fast.  

The Transformation Hot House is a package of highly intensive sessions for your senior teams that overhaul and build skills in 7 critical aspects of transformation.

This accelerated, high impact approach is not for the faint-hearted, it is designed to provoke, evoke, and get results!

The Fertile Void

Sometimes we're deep in the realm of the unknown, yet we still have to lead others forward when we don't know the answers. 

We can bring you together to help you find clarity, create insight and generate breakthrough actions to emerge on the other side of the unknown.
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