We work with a wide range of businesses and organisations from across the private and commercial sector, and within public services. We regularly travel across Europe and work with multi-national participants and global clients. We have a network of like-minded colleagues around the world to collaborate and partner with.

Our clients may be varied and wide-spread, but they do have some things in common:

  1. A passion for their business and a desire to help people thrive
  2. The understanding that the leadership needed today isn’t the same as yesterday, and will be different tomorrow
  3. The courage to try new and different approaches to leading and transforming
  4. The desire to work in partnership with us

Our portfolio of clients come from diverse sectors and industries within the FTSE 250 and global markets: aerospace and defence, multinational conglomerates, technology solution providers, electronic system design, utilities, media, professional services, pharma, global education pathway providers, automotive, retail, NHS hospital trusts and commissioning bodies, local and central government, universities and colleges.

Our case studies showcase recent projects and consulting assignments. Some of these are delivered in association with our partnering organisations: Berkshire Consultancy Limited + Triumpha Limited

Our Clients

Growing Talented Leaders

Collective Brilliance

Organisation + System Transformation