Who We Are
+ What’s Unique About Us

Why We Do What We Do: 

We want to help you to create an organisation where people feel a sense of belonging, where they can connect to the purpose of your business, and where they are encouraged to connect with the best of themselves, so they can flourish in every aspect of their lives.

We want to help to you develop an environment where your leaders are able to be themselves and are equipped to lead from the heart with more skill; and where your organisational purpose and strategic intent are brought to life.

We are passionate about making a difference using our pioneering ways of connecting and growing people at work through great relationships and good dialogue. We feel a sense of pride when we witness the collective potential of individual leaders come to life; and get excited when strategic teams have breakthroughs that wouldn’t happen without great relationships and good dialogue.

We all have seeds of untapped potential deep within us, and a desire to belong, our purpose is to bring these to life, and to transform individuals and their experience of work.

Who We Are:

We are a bespoke consultancy and strategic development partner; able to respond and adapt quickly to what you need. We love the work we do and our clients tell us they like that we ‘get it’ quickly, that we adjust our work to fit their needs, and that we delivery high quality work every time.

Gwen Stirling Wilkie: MBA, MSc, FRSA

Gwen founded Seeds of Transformation in 2016. She is well respected in her field, admired by colleagues and clients alike for the quality of her work and the deep relationships she develops, many of which are long lasting.

Gwen worked at a senior level in a number of well-known retail businesses during periods of rapid growth and expansion, and more recently as an Executive Director in a consulting business. She understands the pressures of being a Director and senior leader, she knows what it takes to run a business.

She complements her practical leadership experience with her professional qualifications: an MBA and MSc in Consultancy + Change from Ashridge Business School, NTL OD Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Advanced Systemic Constellations, and psychometric accreditations. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and is an elected Board member of the OD Network Europe where she is Chair of Finance + Governance.

She believes that people are more talented than they realise, that teams are more collectively brilliant than they gives themselves credit for, and that organisations and systems hold more wisdom than we tap into.

The secret to her success is her ability to unleash this human potential, to create a space for people to thrive and grow in a healthy and successful organisation.

Brilliant Colleagues

She works with a handpicked team of exceptional colleagues and partner organisations. She’s been around long enough to know who just talks a good job, and who are the really high calibre consultants and facilitators.

What is unique about Seeds of Transformation?

We take great pride in our work and believe we bring some unique approaches:

  • Development with strategic purpose, all of our work is with the intent of bringing your strategy to life
  • Being a transformation and development partner – working alongside you as an informed guide to generate long term transformation with skilful leadership
  • Accelerating leadership and team development by combining it with live consultancy work, this creates the sustainable transformation you want at a pace that matches your ambitions
  • Moving key issues and business challenges forward at the same time as developing your leaders and teams to be more effective
  • Looking at the quality of key relationships within your senior leadership teams and across partnering organisations
  • Tailoring what we do to match what you need, we don’t do ‘off the shelf’ or come with a list of pre-formed solutions
  • Experiential workshops and events that do more than develop intellectual learning
  • Using a range of innovative and creative approaches that are grounded in the latest researched theory and delivered experientially

How did Seeds of Transformation get its name?

We believe there is a set of core skills that every leader needs to have in order to be successful in 21st Century organisations, some of these have traditionally been labelled as “Organisation Development” however, they are skills that all leaders need in order to be successful in the future. These behaviours underpin successful transformation and create an environment where individuals flourish and organisations thrive.

The following ten behaviours seem simple on the surface, but they require a high level of self-awareness and ability to adjust your own behaviour in the moment:

  1. Relating to and engaging others through dialogue-based approaches
  2. Exquisite listening and being fully present for others
  3. Being curious and asking powerful, evocative questions
  4. Involving others to generate a shared perspective, gaining clarity and generating new thinking
  5. Holding multiple, at times competing and contradictory, perspectives
  6. Having an open and curious mindset
  7. Tolerating and working in ambiguity and uncertainty
  8. Leading with courage, compassion and letting others shine
  9. Not feeling the need to have the ‘right’ answer, but being confident that you can bring people together to share, explore, and discover the best answer to move forward with
  10. Holding the discomfort of others and encouraging quick cycles of experiments to move forward