Our Work

The work we do brings people together to generate something that doesn’t exist when people work individually. We tap into the collective brilliance of your talented leaders, connect to the organisational or systemic wisdom that already exists, and harness that to help you generate long lasting transformation.

We help equip you with insight, clarity and alignment to generate and lead the implementation of strategic business decisions.

This will enable you to:

  • Generate your best collective thinking
  • Gain insight, clarity, and action
  • Move critical business issues forward while developing leadership and team capability
  • Enable leaders to work with live and emerging challenges
  • Develop leaders with an increased capacity to tolerate and work with ambiguity, uncertainty, and conflict
  • Build effective and high quality relationships at a senior level

Collective Brilliance

Having individually talented and skilled leaders isn’t enough in today’s fast paced world. Successful organisations need to harness and unleash the collective brilliance that only happens when leaders and teams come together to generate something that doesn’t yet exist. We love working in this space and bring our best collaborative endeavours to:

  • Generate high quality relationships within your strategic leadership teams so everyone can contribute the best of themselves
  • Develop your leaders to work collectively and collaboratively within your organisation and across partnerships and systems
  • Solve tricky business issues and at the same time accelerate development and transformation
  • Bring groups of diverse stakeholders together to connect, form shared perspectives, explore together, generate new thinking, align, and move to action

Here’s some of our recent work….

Here’s some of our recent work

Collective Brilliance
A selection from our portfolio of client work with senior level teams:

  • NHS Surrey Downs CCG: Governing Body Effectiveness
  • Horizon Nuclear Power: High Performance ELT
  • Navitas: UPE Executive Leadership Team + College Director/Principal Team
  • Coastal West Sussex CCG: Governing Body + Executive Team Effectiveness
  • Surrey Heartlands ICP: Combined Executive + Governing Body Workshops
  • LARC (Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium): Collaborative Strategy Development
  • NHS Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust: Executive Team Development
  • Croydon Council: OD Board Development

Some of these projects were delivered in association with our partnering organisations: Berkshire Consultancy Limited, and Triumpha

Growing Talented Leaders

Organisation + System Transformation