Collective Brilliance

Having individually talented and skilled leaders isn’t enough in today’s fast paced world. Successful organisations need to harness and unleash the collective brilliance that only happens when leaders and teams come together to generate something that doesn’t yet exist. We love working in this space and bring our best collaborative endeavours to:

  • Generate high quality relationships within your strategic leadership teams so everyone can contribute the best of themselves
  • Develop your leaders to work collectively and collaboratively within your organisation and across partnerships and systems
  • Solve tricky business issues and at the same time accelerate development and transformation
  • Bring groups of diverse stakeholders together to connect, form shared perspectives, explore together, generate new thinking, align, and move to action

Here’s some of our recent work….

Here’s some of our recent work

Collective Brilliance:
Increasing Governing Body Effectiveness

Client Situation:

Along with the rest of the NHS, Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group were going through unprecedented change. They wanted to raise the effectiveness of the Governing Body in order to speed up decision making, improve the quality of exploration of complex healthcare issues, and embed new members into the Governing Body team as quickly as possible whilst continuing to provide strategic leadership to the organisation during an period of uncertainty and change.

The Solution:

We used our unique Collective Brilliance approach to work closely with the Clinical Chair and Accountable Officer to design and run a series of seven development workshops. In particular the sessions:

  • Blended ‘micro-learning’ skills and self-awareness sessions with facilitating and observing the Governing Body members during working sessions.
  • Used the ‘working live’ methodology of high impact team coaching to enable the Governing Body members to gain maximum value from the available time.
  • The approach allowed the group to focus on important topics they need to address whilst at the same time develop their ways of working and improve effectiveness.


The Governing Body found this approach refreshing and effective. It added value by:

  • Developing the ability to explore complex and challenging issues in an open and transparent way
  • Deepening their relationships and building trust
  • Higher quality listening with greater attention to each other’s contributions
  • More open conversations
  • More informed decision making
  • Developing shared understanding and exploring complex issues in more depth by slowing down the pace
  • Raising awareness of habits/patterns of working

Feedback from the Clinical Chair of the Governing Body

“We couldn’t have achieved what we did at our Board meeting today without the work you’ve done with us over the last 6 months. We’re all better equipped individually and collectively to lead our organisation through the next stage of transformation. We know we will need to make tough decisions but feel we can explore difficult conversations and decisions in a more effective way now”

Collective Brilliance:
A High Performing Executive Management Team

Client Situation:

The EMT of a Japanese-owned nuclear power company needed to agree the kind of leadership required individually and collectively to meet the challenging schedules to build the UK’s next nuclear power stations in a complex and highly regulated environment. More specifically to:

  1. Agree a collective leadership approach, taking the best from what each of them brought from previous organisations
  2. Increase their individual and collective leadership presence
  3. Raise their levels of self awareness and impact on others
  4. Improve their leadership impact and team effectiveness
  5. Successfully lead the organization through a series of transition points during the rapid expansion and new build programme.

Our Solution:

We focused in on how they used their meeting time together, getting them to be more effective, and improve the quality of the conversations they had. Using our Collective Brilliance ‘working live’ approach we observed and intervened whilst the executive team were working during their strategy and operational meetings. This work included using a number of different lenses to view their leadership and relationships; building trust; building skills in having challenging conversations; taking a dialogue based approach; improving decision making; reviewing the range/purpose of their meetings; and creating a team behavioural charter.


This was accomplished in the face of huge workload pressures and the team reported:

  • A greater sense of team connection and deeper relationships
  • Understanding and acceptance of the differences in their working preferences
  • The ability to have more robust and challenging conversations while still maintaining their relationships
  • An improvement in the effectiveness of their meetings and team working processes
  • Greater collaboration
  • An ability to focus their discussions more effectively

Feedback from the Chief Operating Officer

“You worked with us at a critical time in our development. As a young organisation with big growth plans we were struggling to merge the different approaches we each brought from our previous organisations. You created a safe, and at times challenging, space for us to agree how we would lead the company through these initial stages of growth”

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