Organisation + System Transformation

Our transformation work taps into the inherent wisdom that already exists within your organisation and system and uses that to generate engagement and build momentum. Our approaches draw from the principles that underpin Organisation Development (OD), Systemic Leadership, and Neuroscience. We can support you with achieving a range of outcomes:

  • Gaining strategic clarity and setting priorities
  • Engaging and aligning people with new priorities
  • Working and behaving differently across your organisation and system
  • Developing new organisational cultures
  • Collaborating and partnering with other organisations

Here’s some of our recent work…

Here’s some of our recent work

Organisation + System Transformation:
Talent-led Business Model Transformation

Using Transformation to Stretch Talent, Achieve Real Time Leadership Development and Culture Change:

Client Situation:

Boehringer Ingelheim needed to respond to a government-led transformation of the healthcare sector. Significant changes in the external market (how it would be able to access its customers) triggered the need for a strategic review of the UK&I business model. The resulting transformation saw significant structural, cultural, and business operating changes across the whole of the UK&I business.

The Solution Phase 1:

  • Their global talent process was used to identify key high potentials to contribute and lead elements of this strategic review in a stretching assignment that would inform succession planning. This allowed a unique exposure of the talent pool to senior leaders.
  • For Phase 1 they used a powerful metaphor of ‘Painting The Future’ to set the frame for their strategic review. Each question to be answered was framed as an artist’s canvas with a Canvas Lead heading up the team of artists. Each Canvas Lead was drawn from the emerging talent pool and allocated a senior level sponsor. A Gallery Curator (project manager) led the overall programme.
  • Each canvas was clearly scoped with the Steering Committee sponsor (the size and shape of the frame indicated their remit and freedom to act) and each Canvas Lead had full artistic license to use different paints and brushes to create their canvas of recommendations (the resources, people and budget).
  • The MD was the art buyer who saw all the canvases in an art exhibition of recommendations at the end of the project and then decided which ones he would ‘buy’.
  • We were involved in delivering part of the series of cross canvas workshops and ‘just in time’ training events. These were held over a 7 month period to provide real time skills development; generating alignment between the canvases and an understanding of systems thinking and the importance of co-creation.
  • We provided an external coach, a skilled OD practitioner, to work with a number of Canvas Leads to provide ‘real time OD development’. We worked emergently and held coaching sessions at a pace and frequency that matched the needs of the Canvas Leads rather than to a set timetable.


The Canvas Leads reported they valued the responsiveness from our coach, gaining the support and knowledge they needed when they needed it. They felt this ‘just in time’ approach gave them confidence and resourcefulness before important meetings and project milestones.

Using Transformation to Stretch Talent, Achieve Real Time Leadership Development and Culture Change:

The Solution Phase 2:

  • For Phase 2 the metaphor shifted to ‘Implementing The Future’ and our support focused the implementation of one of the successful Canvas Lead projects.
  • We worked collaboratively with the canvas lead, their team, and key business stakeholders to co-create and deliver a Leadership Summit for the 100 top leaders in BI UK+I. This highly participative and emergent event took place over two days, and incorporated many large scale intervention approaches.
  • There were live exchange sessions between the UK+I sales team, who were the first teams to adopt the new business model structures,` and the business support functions. These exchanges began to create the new ways of working that would be needed to be successful when working with customers through the new customer channels.
  • Skills in ‘Working Live’ and approaches to accelerate High Performing Teams were introduced to the Sales Directors and other key leaders ahead of the Summit.
  • Organisation Development and Transformation skills were passed on to the Canvas team to enable them to continue to work with these kinds of approaches after this Leadership Summit took place


  • The Leadership Summit brought together newly formed Sales teams and gave them valuable time for accelerated team building at the start of a time of challenging business growth targets
  • The live exchange sessions between different business functions resulted in some new and creative ways of functional support being delivered in an accelerated time scale
  • The Summit attendees reported having a greater sense of connection with colleagues, a greater understanding of the new business model, and a shared commitment to what was required of them to deliver the new operating model
  • Many of the ‘Working Live’ approaches became embedded into the team’s ways of working and three years later were still being effectively used.

Feedback from the client:.

Gwen is a consultant with boundless energy, a passion to make a difference for her client and, in the moment, coming up with creative and client led solutions. The Leadership Summit is a great example of her work with us.

Organisation + System Transformation:
Building System Transformation Skills in the NHS

Client Situation:

The NHS is facing huge pressures to transform how care is delivered to patients and their families by working in a more integrated way across local health and social care providers. Leaders who are responsible for bringing about system transformation in their local and regional systems needed the skills to work in a different way to engage, influence, and create new models of care. The National Leadership Academy was the commissioning client, and three Leadership Academies were our local clients for whom we designed the System Change Consulting Skills Programme.

The Solution:

A four-module highly experiential programme that built skills and confidence in adopting a consultancy-style approach to transformation. Developing the essential skills, mindsets, processes and techniques required for leaders involved with system-wide transformation. Each module built on the one before and gave participants the opportunity to bring their own transformation challenge as ‘real work’ to be done by themselves and colleagues. They co-consulted in small peer groups each module, and at the final module consulted in small teams to a system client who brought a ‘live’ challenge to the group for their insights and recommendations.

  • Module 1: Exploring Self
  • Module 2: Deepening Skills
  • Module 3: Extending Your Reach + Impact
  • Module 4: Shaping The System For Success


We ran five cohorts of the programme for c75 participants across the South of England. Ten clients brought tricky system challenges they were facing, these were from a range of health and social care related charities, and from within the NHS and other public bodies.

  • Evaluation data shows 20-30% growth in skills and confidence for participants
  • 100% of participants rated the programme as worthwhile and adding value to their transformation work. 95% of participants rated the programme as Excellent or Very Good.
  • New initiatives and system transformations approaches were developed as a result of attending the programme
  • Local system relationships were developed and new networks built to move transformation forward
  • Clients reported new insights and great value from the client challenge sessions


Participants widely reported:

  • Increased personal consciousness, confidence and courage to work in a more emergent way
  • Better understanding of own and others’ perspectives in change
  • Increased ability and willingness to influence without positional authority
  • Increased competence using system change consulting processes and tools
  • Stronger networks, connections and more collaborative working

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